Far Far Away

I am Anne Frank

Friday, 12 June, 1942

Dear Kitty,

            I have just received you today on my thirteenth birthday.  You, alone, with your beautiful plaid cover is my absolute favorite gift. Before I go on with the events of the day, I shall tell you more about myself. My name is Anne Frank, and I am thirteen years old as I have told you before. Now, I must tell you about my family: I have a sister named Margot who is three years older than me, two lovely parents, and a cat named Moortje. I think I shall call you Kitty. I believe that we shall become the best of friends over the years.

            I should like to say that I am curious. I always absolutely love to learn new things, and I believe that I do try hard in school. Today, I had to control my curiosity until seven o’ clock in the morning. Of course I woke up hours earlier. Oh, Kitty, it felt so much longer than the actual time. It felt like days to me, if not that, maybe even months. It was so drab. I was so excited when I opened you; I knew we would become great friends.

            Sometimes I am optimistic. Even though times are tough, I always try to see the good in things no matter what happens. I don’t want to look like a showoff, Kitty, but I think that it is the truth. Daddy has started to talk about going into hiding. I am so worried about leaving because I love my friends. I don’t know what I would do without them. Most of my free time is spent with them- playing ping pong and going to the ice cream parlor. Right now, I am just spending as much time as I can with them.

            I know it isn’t good, Kitty, but I can be sarcastic at times. I guess it can be alright when I want to be funny, but making sarcastic comments all of the time isn’t that amazing. I am especially sarcastic when I am talking about the Germans. How nice they are! I absolutely detest them. It is so awful when they discriminate against us Jews. I don’t think that religion makes much of a difference. We are all human beings.

            Some people think that I am cocky. I do not wish to believe them, but they can still prove it. They believe I am boy crazy, but I shan’t agree. I think that any boy who sees me will fall in love. Sometimes the boys at the ice cream parlor will buy some ice cream for mw. Kitty, I would like to know if this makes me sound cocky and boy crazy. I need to know the truth.

            Well, Kitty, I hope you learned a lot about me. I have told you that I can be curious, optimistic, sarcastic, and cocky. I’m looking forward to the next time I write. I shall share events, thoughts, and darkest secrets with you. We shall be the best of friends. Goodbye for now. It is time for supper.




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