Far Far Away

Hello and welcome to my e-portfolio! My name is Alex L. and I go to Stevenson School in 7th grade. An e-portfolio is a webpage where I can showcase my work, document, evaluate, and reflect on learning. If you look above, you will see four tabs. The first tab is Home, and that is the page you are on now. The second tab you see is L. Arts. This is a page where all of my work and reflections in Language Arts is shown. If you roll your mouse over this page (and don’t click), you will see a subpage pop up. It is called Poetry Glogster. This is where you can find my Poetry Glogster and its reflection. The tab next to L. Arts is About Me. This is a page where I have written information about me such as what I like to do and my favorite movies, books, plays, and places. My Mandala is also on this page. The tab to the left of About Me is called Gallery. The Gallery is basically a page filled with pictures I have taken. Also, feel free to leave comments. Thanks so much for visiting my e-portfolio.