Far Far Away

When we finished To Kill a Mockingbird, we had to pick a theme that we thought fit the story. I chose friendship. We were instructed to choose three quotes from the book that represents the theme and how it relates to the story.  We were not told how to present our project. I decided to make a friendship tree. What I did well was choosing three quotes and deciding how to present the project. The tree symbolizes the oak tree outside of the Radley place. It was difficult to choose only three quotes. There were so many quotes about friendship to choose from. Next time, I might find a better way to hang my writing from the tree branches. There is a lot of friendship throughout To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus is defending Tom Robinson; he believes Tom because he trusts him. Atticus stands up for Calpurnia because they both depend on each other. Calpurnia also treats Jem and Scout like they are her own children.


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