Far Far Away

When we were reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, we were assigned the “In Came…” project. We used some of Dickens’ writing as a model. I learned how to write in different styles. It was difficult to figure out a scenario; there were so many to choose from. I described the scenario I picked very well.

In Came

            In came the pilot with his brief case, and went up to the spacious cockpit, and sat down on the gray chairs, and prepared for take off like he was in a hurry. In came the copilot, a tall thin frown. In came the three flight attendants, smiling and jovial. In came the four pre-boarders who graciously accepted help from the attendants. In came the young girl with her boyfriend. In came the woman, with her baby, that was sobbing. In came the college student, with her uncle and his friend, the professor. In came the unaccompanied minor, who was scared of strangers; hiding from everyone but one, the flight attendant who gave him candy. In they all came, one after another, some tiredly, some anxiously, some angrily, some joyfully, some laughing, some weeping; in they all came, anyhow and everyhow.

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